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With HR Simple Academy as your Business Partner, you benefit from a one stop shop recruitment, training and HR support service which will help manage and drive your people development.

How…. Why….?

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Reduce your annual recruitment spend with our recruitment service by using our experienced practitioners as your internal recruiter. There is no long-term commitment and as your business partner, we provide everything needed so that you can focus on attracting the right candidates to support your business growth and development. We work with each vacancy from an initial meeting with your hiring manager through to greeting them on their first day and even helping you put an appropriate induction and on-boarding programme in place if required . Take a look through our REACH framework to see how we support you at all stages of your people development.


One powerful reason for having an Internal Recruitment function is to reduce expenditure and allow your managers to perform their everyday roles without the hassle of recruiting for their teams. You need to trust the internal function to provide guidance and advice as well as taking the whole recruitment headache away from your managers….that is where we come in!

We have significant recruitment experience amassed over 15 years working within major industries in both public and private sectors. Our knowledge of working within different environments and conditions has enabled us to develop formulated and trusted techniques that benefit  our clients from day one.

We created the REACH framework to structure our delivery and support and it has proven extremely successful in supporting clients with their hiring and people development needs. We don’t just offer recruitment, we offer internal HR support, staff surveys and online training, so that when your new recruits start on day one, they are fully trained, compliant and ready to hit the ground running.

Customer Review:

“What HR simple academy brings with it is a vast array of knowledge and experience of recruitment from the basic to the complicated. Whatever your situation they will understand and then work with you direct to have an action plan in place. They make no guarantees but what they do is give you the best possible advice so that you are in a place where you have a better understanding of what you need to do next. An added bonus is that they are on the other end of your phone if you become in a situation you aren’t comfortable with”