Running a small business is challenging and we are on hand to help.  HR Simple takes the stress and worry out of HR by providing a simple, clear, and cost effective solution.

Our services offer a complete support system for employing people.  Services and solutions include; payroll support and provision, auto-enrolment administration, human resources support, and training solutions.


100% of business owners who employ staff have HR issues even if they don’t know they have them.

100% of businesses need HR advice.

Contracts of employment are regularly considered to be pain in the neck.  However they are crucial to protect employers and employees alike as they outline expectations and boundaries from the outset.  Taking a contract of employment off the internet, without understanding the specifics or the law surrounding such can and will cause serious issues that are likely to have financial implications.

Statistics show that 4 out of 5 new businesses will close in the first few years with over 50% failing due to staffing related issues (spending money on wages too early, stealing from employees, poor recruitment policies and mis-management of employees).

Over 75% of employers still issue ‘verbal warning’ despite them no longer being enforceable.

The majority of employers, prior to engaging our services, state that their HR is completely reactive – they don’t manage their HR but their HR manages them.

HR Simple – small enough to care, big enough to deliver.

The HR Simple Academy offers a one-stop shop for everything you need to be legally compliant when employing people, from the documentation required, the support and knowledge to make informed decisions, and the tools and resources needed to unleash the potential of your employees whilst ensuring compliance with the ever changing and complicated laws.

HR Support and Solutions are an investment and not just an unnecessary expense because investing in people in the most efficient way to invest in the growth of your business, because when people feel valued they become more invested in their work.

“To go fast we must go alone. To go far we must go together” – African proverb.

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