Our purpose

Our purpose is to provide a holistic approach to managing and developing people because it takes a tribe to thrive.

Our passion was born from being a small business and realising how necessary having the right HR support is and how vulnerable you are should things go wrong. Larger companies employ their own in-house HR manager/department but smaller businesses can not afford to pay for the skills and expertise required to tackle the ever expanding minefield of employing and managing people.

Whether you need help with recruitment, compliance, disciplinary hearings or anything a HR manager/dept could provide, HR Simple can provide the perfect outsourced solution.

‘To go fast we must go alone. To go far we must go together’ African proverb.

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About us

We are a team of real people with over 20 years experience in Human Resources, Recruitment, Training and Development, and People management.

As a team we have first-hand experience of what works when managing people, and what can go terribly wrong. Small businesses are more vulnerable when things do go wrong so our service is accessible to all and we have a suitable package whether you have 1 employee or 300.

Join HR Simple

We don’t do the hard sell as we believe that the peace of mind from having HR support to be similar to insuring your boiler at home or having your pet insured.

We guarantee to provide a first-class service at an affordable price, even if you only have 1 or 2 employees. Reactive support and advice will always cost you more so be prepared, be protected, and be HR Simple.

What do we do for our clients

We are, in essence, our clients HR department. Helping our clients navigate the minefield of employing people, advising on a vast array of issues, tackling situations before they become problematic, managing the risks that may be involved, and ensuring that decisions are commercially well-thought out.

We also provide an expansive library of documentation from application forms and reference request letter templates, to flexible working request letter templates and appraisal forms.

So whether it is legally compliant documentation to get you started, ad-hoc HR support, or being fully supported with all documentation, we have a tailored solution.