“Classroom in a Box”.

For many businesses it is difficult to release a large number of employees at one time to attend training courses.

The real cost of your employees attending training courses doesn’t just stop with the cost to attend the course.  You have to factor in the cost of the employees salary and the cost of someone to replace that employee for the day.  Classroom in a Box provides the perfect and cost effective solution.

Classroom in a Box will provide you with nearly £20,000 of training for £3,995*

*Training costs based on 50 delegates attending ‘Train the trainer’ course provided by Equality and Diversity UK

Using Classroom in a Box, you gain access to a specially designed presentation, a trainers manual, exercises and everything you need in order to provide classroom based training for your personnel.  Purchasing the course content and delivery tools provides your organisation with everything required to deliver relevant and crucial workplace training at your own pace.  Your organisation has complete control over when the training is delivered, to whom it is delivered, and for cost efficiency it can be repeated until the knowledge has been mastered…and you retain the knowledge in your business!

HR Simple Academy understands that businesses need to have a flexible approach towards training and development. Our team of learning professionals have created an out of the box solution that can be used within any business of any size that is serious about creating a culture of inclusion.

Our Classroom in a Box solutions puts you in the driving seat and enables you to deliver training to your staff at a time and location that suits you.

By downloading our Classroom in a Box we will provide you with the confidence, the knowledge and the resources you need in order to deliver effective training within your organisation.

Within your box you will receive:

  • A PowerPoint Presentation of your chosen training course
  • Expert guidance notes to enable you to run the training course of your choice
  • Interactive exercises to embed learning and encourage participation
  • Posters and materials to help you promote the course internally
  • Supporting Information and guides that you can give to learners

Benefits for your business.

  • Experience and domain knowledge
  • A wide range of supporting tools and resources
  • Expertise in training and online learning
  • Your one stop shop for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Transparent solutions and pricing

We offer a Classroom in a Box solution for a range of subjects and will continue to add further classrooms on an ongoing basis.  Please check back regularly for new additions.