Compliance Training

The learning world continues to see innovation and new ways to help learners acquire the skills, knowledge and capabilities needed to enhance their contribution within the organisation.

Our team of experts believe that employee training should be about much more than simply meeting legal requirements or compliance issues. Your training need to be effective, engaging, rewarding and fun, as well as ensuring that it is fit for purpose and relevant to you, your employees and your business.

The REACH framework introduces a range of training solutions to suit any organisation, including a catalogue of pre-built courses and a Learning Management System (LMS) to manage learners, courses and assessments.

Should your organisation require bespoke training content, please get in touch and we will work with you to develop engaging and interactive content that works on any device.

Whatever your requirements, budget or timescales it is always worth contacting a member of the academy team to discuss how we can help you.  In terms of the solutions we offer, we have kept things deliberately SIMPLE and transparent

Training Delivery

Today, many organisations are realising that the use of online learning is a powerful way to support their learning provision. Ideal for both office-based staff and a mobile workforce, elearning enables you to provide learning at a pace, time and location that best suits you and your employees.

Our eLearning courses provided and accessed through tackle core workplace topics and are delivered as fully responsive courses that can be used across any device. The courses are broken down into manageable lessons, enabling the learner to complete the course in the one session or address a number of lessons at a time and return as many times as they like. The use of knowledge checks and assessments within each course aids and checks understanding and upon successful completion, the learner receives a certificate where appropriate.

The catalogue of courses covers:

  • Health and safety
  • Human Resources
  • Policy & Compliance
  • Leadership & Management
  • Personal Development
  • GDPR & Cyber Security
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Customer Service
  • Food Hygiene
  • Marketing Insights
  • Sales Skills

Please visit to see how developing your employees will help develop your business.

What do we do for our clients

We are, in essence, our clients HR/ Recruitment department – helping our clients navigate the minefield of employing people, advising on a vast array of issues, tackling situations before they become problematic, helping manage the risks that may be involved, and ensuring that decisions are commercially well-thought out.

So what is holding you back?

With interactive learning solutions from eLearning Plus+, you get new joiners up to speed quickly, you expand the skills and knowledge of existing employees and it becomes straightforward and cost effective to manage and deliver engaging learning and recruitment across the whole of your organisation

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