Directors Development Programme – Accelerator

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Upcoming Dates:

2nd – 6th July 2018 – Manchester

3rd – 7th September 2018 – London

5th- 9th November 2018 – Manchester

7th – 11th January 2019 – London

* DDP Accelerator – Price Starting from £4,750 *

Directors’ Development Programme Accelerator – Complete the programme in just 5 comprehensive days!!


This intense, fast track, 5-day programme, provides maximum impact for a minimal investment in time and money. It blends the quality assurance of academic integrity, with an enhancement of knowledge from industry experts.

The continuous professional development of Directors is a prudent investment for any organisation that wishes to maximise its outputs and outcomes. The Directors’ Development Programme Accelerator offers leaders the opportunity to enhance their development in a time and cost-effective way. This 5-day programme provides maximum impact for a minimal investment in time and money.

The Directors’ Development Programme Accelerator equips professionals with practical information and the core competencies needed to be an effective Director. The Programme is a highly applied and participative, designed for senior organisational leaders, business owners and aspiring Directors aiming to fast track their personal development.

The Programme gives a detailed understanding and up to date knowledge of the role of the Director and the Board, leadership, corporate strategy, finance and crucially, organisational governance.

Key issues covered throughout the programme include:

  • Understanding and applying the principles of good governance;
  • Boardroom characteristic, structure and behaviours;
  • Tools to increase personal and boardroom effectiveness;
  • The role and responsibilities of the Board, Directors and non-executive directors (NEDs);
  • Developing the strategy and setting the vision, mission and values;
  • Corporate social responsibility;
  • Leadership and creating high performing teams;
  • Motivating and driving performance;
  • Improving decision making;
  • Understand the key differences between direction, management and ownership;
  • Financial management, models and decision making;
  • Communication skills.
  • Driving the organisation through clear and effective performance measures.

Directors’ Development Programme is taught in small groups providing an enhanced and collaborative learning experience, using the real-world challenges of participants to put concepts, principles and ideas in to practice.


Through attendance at the Directors’ Development, you will develop a broad range of skills and enhance your knowledge across the core areas:

The agenda for the FIVE DAY ACCELERATED PROGRAMME will include:

Day 1: The Role of the Company Director

Day 2: Finance for Non-Finance Directors

Day 3: The Directors’ Role in Strategic Marketing

Day 4: The Directors’ Role in Strategy

Day 5: The Directors’ Role in Leading & Managing an Organisation


Build valuable skills knowledge, expectations and legal requirements for Directors to be effective in their role, condensed into one highly effective development programme

Increase your confidence, managerial and leadership abilities,

Enhance your confidence in formulating strategy, implementing governance, financial management, problem solving, change management, alongside team and organisational development.

Network with peers and share best practice

Turn theory into practice

Apply business and management principles and theories directly into leadership practice and organisational policy-making.

Progress and improve effectiveness at Director level –

Equip you with the tools to implement strategic improvements in your workplace.

Minimum time away from the office and your professional commitments;

Guidance on your strategic planning with current tools, techniques and thinking;

Share best practice and personal experiences with peers in an open, supportive and intensive learning environment;

Savings in your time and costs involved in enrolling on more traditional executive development programmes like a MBA course;

Develop your core skills in a flexible way and without diverting your focus away from your professional duties and day to day responsibilities

Improvement on the bottom line with your increased financial understanding and planning;

Exponential improvement in your leadership skills and personal confidence;

Measurable results with your enhanced knowledge of key strategic marketing tactics;

Success in the project you undertake with a greater understanding of how to take a project from start to completion successfully;

Improvement on your ability to influence and impact colleagues and clients;

Enhanced negotiation techniques and skills to increase your success in commercial agreements

Learning Outcomes:

Following attendance at the Directors’ Development Programme Accelerator, you will:

  • Have detailed knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Director including legal obligations, personal liabilities and expected duties and how these relate to your role in your business;
  • Be able to build crucial commercial, operational and leadership skills and knowledge;
  • Have improved confidence and effectiveness operating at Board, C or D-level executive-level management;
  • Gain knowledge of the latest Boardroom best practice and principles;
  • Develop personal key skills to better influence the Board and deliver more effective outcomes;
  • Have improved and more informed decision making, viewing challenges more objectively and delivering better results;
  • Be able to lead and plan more strategically, identifying threats and exploiting new opportunities.
  • Gain detailed and comprehensive understanding of the role, responsibilities and legal obligations of a Director in just 5 days.
  • Explore your role as a leader and develop your ability to drive organisational performance;
  • Build your knowledge of financial methodologies, terms, concepts and strategies in one short, intense programme;
  • Learn how to build and contribute to effective Boards;
  • Evaluate and utilise the latest techniques, methods and processes for developing and implementing new business strategies, marketing and business plans;
  • Be well equipped to protect your organisation through good governance principles and a clear understanding of risks, legal requirements and regulations

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The Directors’ Development Programme Accelerator is aimed towards senior professionals who would like to up-skill quick, effective and efficient manner. It has been designed to benefit both future and current organisational leaders and support Directors operating at board level with a focus on providing the key skills and knowledge in concise, intense and streamlined format. The programme is not sector specific and those from the private, public and third sectors will all benefit from the programme.

Upcoming Dates:

2nd – 6th July 2018 – Manchester

3rd – 7th September 2018 – London

5th- 9th November 2018 – Manchester

7th – 11th January 2019 – London

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