Conducting surveys for employees and customers allows you as a business to gather crucial information to improve employee engagement, working environment and your profits to name a few .

Whether you need help with surveys, bench marking, HR Simple Academy can provide the perfect outsourced solution.

About us

We are a team of real people with over 20 years experience in Human Resources, Recruitment, Training and Development, and People management.

As an experienced team of practitioners, we have first-hand experience of what works well when managing people, and what can go terribly wrong. Small businesses are more vulnerable when things go wrong so our service offers a suitable package whether you have 1 employee or 300.

Surveys – Customers

Email surveys, market research, using surveys for customer satisfaction, customer surveys are all useful tools to understand your customers and their views of you as a business.

We provide a first-class service at an affordable price, to help you build the right surveys required for you obtain the information you need to ensure you provide excellent customer service and help you understand your customers better and keep connected to them.

Holistic approach to Employee Engagement

Using survey tools from one to one forms to 360 surveys from employees to determine their satisfaction.

This provides a comprehensive view, allows employees to understand how they are thought of by their managers, directors and colleagues within the business.  They also allow you to obtain critical information or feedback about the environment, employee satisfaction and help you understand why an employee would leave.

By implementing a holistic approach to employee surveys will allow the company to grow and highlight areas for improvement and development.

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