Equality and Diversity

We have seen at first hand the challenges organisations face in delivering learning that creates an appropriate experience for employees, suppliers and customers yet still supports legislative compliance. 

Our aim is to give you access to an integrated set of tools and resources, designed to work together seamlessly, yet simple to use and powerful in their delivery.

Diversity should be about so much more than a training session; it needs to be built into the everyday life of your business.

The HR Simple Academy can build you a bespoke solution to meet your specific needs.

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Successful Equality and Diversity is not about having a staff handbook or a policy, it is ensuring that it is embedded into your organisational culture and becomes part of everyday life for everyone associated with your business.

The Academy provide an invaluable insight into disability and covers a wide range of important topics for any business to consider. Effective customer service training and ensuring your staff have a good insight into disability awareness can give you a competitive edge.

Purchasing our Classroom in a box solution alongside our eLearning tools and learning Snapshots, provides a powerful blended approach to meeting your learning needs.

Within your box you will receive:

  • A PowerPoint Presentation of your chosen training course
  • Expert guidance notes to enable you to run the training course of your choice
  • Interactive exercises to embed learning and encourage participation
  • Posters and materials to help you promote the course internally
  • Supporting Information and guides that you can give to learners

Benefits for your business.

  • Experience and domain knowledge
  • A wide range of supporting tools and resources
  • Expertise in training and online learning
  • Your one stop shop for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Transparent solutions and pricing

We offer a solution for a range of subjects and will continue to add further classrooms on an ongoing basis.
Please check back regularly for new additions
or speak to the team on

0161 672 1744.

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