Executive Education

Our Executive Education unit delivers wide ranging programmes designed by the highest academics and training professionals for the exceptional leader. It is the ‘gold standard’ in management and leadership education. We focus on whole-person leadership development.

We use an embracive learning experience-one that empowers executives and future executives to reflect, recharge, and re-emerge as visionary leaders. Our programmes offer the rare opportunity to step back from your daily responsibilities, re-evaluate your personal and professional goals, and re-focus your direction.  You will return to your organisation with fresh insights into your strengths and weaknesses, strategies for taking your leadership and management skills to the next level and a network of peers whose challenges mirror your own.

Our Executive Education Programmes will take you to the next stage of your development, prepare you to guide your organisation through specific challenges and ultimately help you become a more effective leader.

Each Programme is designed to provide you with the time and space needed to reflect, reinvigorate your current role and advance your leadership and management capabilities. We will challenge your assumptions, disrupt your usual ways of operating and introduce you to new ways of working and thinking. Recent delegates have gone on to:

  • Start new lines of business at their organisation;
  • Reorganise operations to run with greater efficiency;
  • Challenge competitors with an innovative strategy;

We understand that learning is vital to transform performance and culture in organisations. Therefore, we focus on delivering tangible, real-world experiences that can be applied in the world experiences that can be applied in the workplace long after your programme is over.

What Is Executive Education?

We believe Executive Education is getting more and more important every passing day. Some professionals who trained from the cradle may lack core business competencies and the basic theoretical rules of business administration. Others may have the proper education but cannot deny the value of in depth sector knowledge and specialised know-how.

This is where Executive Education matters: equipping professionals with high level and directly related training and underlining knowledge of key areas of business administration, leadership, strategic management and other key and essentials skills and core expertise-essential for success in any competitive environment.

We understand the importance of taking time out of your business to learn and reflect, and through our programmes we ensure that your time is spent effectively with learning outcomes that can be applied immediately.

We run many Programmes and Courses throughout the year with our partners INPD Limited, alongside our academic and industry partners, most notably: