Fair Use Policy

Support Fair Use Policy 

Functional end-user product support is available to you, subject to our Fair Use Policy. Our Fair Use Policy ensures all our customers get fair and equal access to this free service.

We want to be sure that we continue offering the same high-level support service you are used to so we may need to update this Fair Use Policy, please check in regularly to review any changes.


  • Free support is limited to Academy for Business Limited functionality.
  • Support may not be used as a substitute for training.
  • We ask that your account is in good standing to make use of our support service.
  • Users requiring excessive functional support may be asked to attend training in order to qualify for ongoing free support.
  • Support for users who have not attended Academy for Business Limited training will be billable.
  • To manage costs and provide equal access to our training and support team we offer support via email and Skype, not telephone. We ask that telephonic support is limited to escalate urgent queries.
  • Determination of whether support is billable is at the discretion of Academy for Business Limited management. All billable support or services will be identified prior to commencement.