Fire Safety

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Welcome to this online elearning module covering Fire Safety. Please work through each lesson and then click the Mark Complete button when you have completed all of the material in each lesson.

This module includes an assessment, which takes you through 20 questions based on the materials you will cover in the Learning Module lesson.  You will need to achieve a score of 80% to pass the course and achieve your certificate.

The aim of this course:

Fire safety legislation places fire safety responsibilities on employers and employees to ensure they have regard for safety within the organisation. The aim of this course is for employers and employees to handle fire incidents safely.

Who the course is for:

This fire safety course is suitable for all employers and employees who may have to deal with fire incidents.

Learning outcomes:

In this course, we cover the nature of fire and why fires start, what measures to take to prevent fires from starting, identify and understand fire-related equipment and signs and know how to act in the event of fire in the workplace.

  • Understand the Cause and Effect of Fire
  • Identify Good Housekeeping Practices
  • Be able to Report Fire Safety Issues
  • Know How to Respond in the Event of a Fire
  • Identify the Different Types of Equipment and their Use
  • Be familiar with Evacuation Procedures

This module will take you approximately 45 minutes including the assessment to complete.