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“I was so grateful to be introduced to HR Simple Academy and their REACH framework, I now have a focus and a clear understanding of how to handle myself and where to find a new career, my CV is sorted and now I am actively applying for jobs. They have understood where I am at and fully understands each individuals situation. “

Customer Feedback

“What HR Simple Academy and their Reach framework brings with is a vast array of knowledge and experience of recruitment from the basic to the complicated. Whatever your situation is, they will understand and then work with you direct to have an action plan in place. They make no guarantees but what they do is give you the best possible advice so that you are in a place where you have a better understanding of what you need to do next. An added bonus is that they are on the other end of your phone if you become in a situation you aren’t comfortable with”

“Any person no matter what age they are at or whatever stage of career they are at should be working with HR Simple Academy”

What do we do for our clients

We are, in essence, our clients HR/ Recruitment department – helping our clients navigate the minefield of employing people, advising on a vast array of issues, tackling situations before they become problematic, helping manage the risks that may be involved, and ensuring that decisions are commercially well-thought out.

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With interactive learning solutions from eLearning Plus+, you get new joiners up to speed quickly, you expand the skills and knowledge of existing employees and it becomes straightforward and cost effective to manage and deliver engaging learning and recruitment across the whole of your organisation

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